Big Data Business Academy is a project funded by the Danish Industry Foundation with a grant of DKK 7 million. The project will support and guide 20 companies in their data driven business transformation. Focus is on companies from sectors with an untapped potential for using Big Data strategically, such as transport, food production and energy.
At Big Data Business Academy, companies will get their big data potential analyzed based on their unique challenges, and together with leading experts from companies and universities they will develop an action plan for how to start the data driven business transformation.
The modules at the Academy are qualified based on interviews with other data driven companies, to determine Big Data characteristics and how this affect companies’ ability to start using data more strategically.
At the end of the project, the results and learnings from Big Data Business Academy will be used to develop a self-assessment tool for other companies that want to realize the huge potential of using Big Data.
For more information about Big Data Business Academy, please contact Project Manager Bjarke Kovshøj at bjk@cleancluster.dk