As a part of the project, we record short videos with the participating experts and companies. Expert opinions and case studies will be uploaded to this page.

Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor, The Economist, explains why initiatives like The Big Data Business Academy are crucial.

Marianne K. Knudsen, Director, Grundfos, explains how they work with Big Data in their Digital Booster Project.

CHR Hansen has incorporated Big Data as a part of their business strategy. They have assembled competencies of both Business Development and IT in their Big Data Office.

How to find the right employees for a Big Data team? CHR Hansen explains how they have done.

Kenneth cukier, Data Editor, The Economist, explains how to build a “Big Data SWAT Team” and why it is crucial to get the management’s support for Big Data projects.

Lien de Cuyper, ETH Zürich, tells how to get started with Big Data Strategy.

Kenneth Cukier, Data Editor, The Economist, tells how to kick-start a Big Data project.